Landscape Renovation

Removing Your Existing Landscape

Depending on the scale of your project, we may begin by removing the existing landscape to start prepping for the new design. This can be done by hand in delicate areas, or by using a variety of high end equipment operated by a team of experts. Starting with a solid foundation is essential for the high quality work you can expect from Jack’s Custom Landscape.


Computerized Landscape Redesign

Landscaping technology has come a long way in recent years. That’s why Jack uses industry leading computer software to design any of his new projects. With this capability, we can now push the limits of modern day designs to deliver a truly unique outdoor space that will meet any need.

Repair Existing Landscapes

If you’re not looking for a new design and you just need some repairs or updates made, we can handle that too. Sooner or later your landscape may be in need of repairs. Whether it’s adding mulch and replanting or repairing stonework, our team will always do our very best to restore your yard to it’s former brilliance. 

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